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How to Care for Your Hermes Scarf

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How to Care for Your Hermes Scarf
As much as an Hermes scarf is made to last and retain its value long after purchase, there's a lot one can do to ensure they endure in their finest possible form. We polled both collectors and the dry cleaners they swear by for tips on how to preserve an Hermés scarf. Our biggest takeaway is that first and foremost, everything we wear should be enjoyed with a joie de vivre and not a fear of it being ruined. Especially when there’s no reason you can’t both enjoy and preserve your scarf! Without further ado, here are our compiled tips for wearing, storing and cleaning your scarf correctly to prolong its life and value.
  1. Choose to have your scarf professionally  dry cleaned as needed.
  2. Refrain from using scarf rings, scarf clips and brooches.  
  3. Avoid perfume or hair spray after putting your scarf on, as the alcohol may discolor your scarf. 
  4. Try to avoid contact with moisture (especially if the scarf is of an older vintage). If your scarf has gotten caught in the rain, spread it out flat and let it air dry as soon as possible. 
  5. After use, unfold your scarf and allow it to “breathe”, preferably overnight.
  6. Keep your scarf folded in a drawer or on a hanger in your closet, away from direct sunlight.