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Authenticity is the heart and soul of Exquisite Artichoke. We have been specializing in secondhand luxury, with an emphasis on Hermès and Chanel, for many years and are regarded as a leading authenticator of all things Hermès in particular by collectors the world over. We put everything we sell through a diligent multi-point authentication process, with everything needing to pass through our strict tests before it is listed, so that you can be sure that every item is 100% authentic.

Our authentication process is unique to Exquisite Artichoke and independent of any brands. Brands identified are not involved in the authentication of the products being sold, and none of the brands sold assume any responsibility for any products purchased from or through the website. Brands sold on Exquisite Artichoke are not partnered or affiliated with Exquisite Artichoke in any manner. However, Exquisite Artichoke fully cooperates with brands and state and federal agencies seeking to track down the source of stolen or counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of anyone caught submitting counterfeit or stolen goods.

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