Through her enchanting designs, Annie Faivre has left an indelible mark on the world of the Hermès carre. Born in 1948 in Nice, France, Faivre's journey to becoming one of Hermès' key artistic figures is as captivating as the intricate patterns she weaves into her creations.

Faivre's artistic flair emerged early in her life, and after studying at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués in Paris, she embarked on a diverse career that included illustrating for magazines and designing textiles. However, it was her collaboration with Hermès in the early 1980s that truly catapulted her into the spotlight.

Known for her bold and vibrant compositions, Faivre's silk scarf designs seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with a modern, whimsical touch. Each scarf tells a story, often inspired by her travels, nature, and the rich cultural tapestry of the world. Her ability to infuse life into silk through vivid colors and intricate details has turned each Hermès scarf into a wearable masterpiece.

Beyond the mesmerizing colors and intricate patterns that define Annie Faivre's silk scarf designs for Hermès, there exists a whimsical secret—a playful menagerie of hidden monkeys that adds an extra layer of enchantment to her creations. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Faivre incorporates a hidden monkey into many of her designs, creating a delightful element of surprise for those who closely examine her work. These mischievous creatures, often camouflaged within the lush foliage or amidst intricate patterns, add a touch of charm and a hint of the unexpected to each scarf, as well as serving as a distinct personal signature in lieu of her being nicknamed “little monkey” as a young girl.

Faivre's mastery lies not only in her artistic prowess but also in her dedication to preserving the heritage of Hermès. She pays homage to the brand's equestrian origins, incorporating elements like bridles, stirrups, and horse motifs into her designs. This blend of heritage and innovation has solidified Faivre's place as a cherished contributor to the legacy of Hermès, and has made her designs highly coveted by collectors worldwide.

Annie Faivre's impact extends beyond the atelier; her creations have graced the shoulders of fashion icons and have been featured in museum exhibitions, solidifying her status as a true artisan. In a world where fashion evolves rapidly, Faivre's enduring designs stand as timeless expressions of artistry and elegance.

As the story of Annie Faivre continues to unfold, so too does her influence on the world of luxury fashion. Through silk scarves that transcend mere accessories, she has woven a legacy that celebrates the marriage of art and craftsmanship—a legacy that will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.


Complete Scarf Catalog

  • Circus, 1983
  • Etendards et Banniers, 1984
  • Les Fantaisies du Roy, 1986
  • Kimonos et Inros, 1986
  • Torana, 1987
  • Tournez Manege, 1987
  • Les Bissone des Venise, 1988
  • Le Paradis du Roy, 1989
  • Alphabet III, 1990
  • Chapeau,1990
  • Art des Steppes, 1991
  • Le Tarot, 1991
  • Grands Fonds, 1992
  • Astres et Soleil, 1994
  • Le Roy Soleil, 1994
  • Armets en Panache, 1995
  • L'Atlantide, 1995
  • Au Fil de la Soie, 1995
  • Les Ballets Russes, 1996
  • Le Temps des Marionettes, 1996
  • Ashanti, 1997
  • L'Ile Deserte, 1998
  • Les Legendes de L'Arbre, 1998
  • Amours, 1999
  • Aux Pays des Epices, 2001
  • Ombres et Lumieres, 2001
  • Rencontre Oceane, 2001
  • Terres Precieuses, 2002
  • Gardiens des Arbres, 2003
  • Libres Comme l'Air, 2003
  • Mare Nostrum, 2003
  • Grands Fonds II, 2004
  • Alliances du Monde, 2004
  • Rivieres de Babel, 2005
  • Sur un Tapis Volant, 2006
  • Jardins d'Hiver, 2007
  • Danse du Cheval Marwari, 2008
  • Ors Nomades, 2009
  • Voyage en Etoffes, 2009
  • La Charmante aux Animaux, 2010
  • Les Domes Celestes, 2010
  • Au Fil du Carre, 2011
  • Reve de Corail, 2011
  • Tresors Retrouves, 2012
  • Le Promenade du Platon, 2013
  • Songe de la Licorne, 2013
  • Cavaliers du Caucase, 2015
  • Zenobie, Reine e Palmyre, 2015
  • Chemins de Corail, 2016
  • Les Legendes de L'Arbre Coloriage, 2016
  • Maitres de la Foret, 2016
  • Mythes et Metamorphoses, 2016
  • Le Jardin de la Maharani, 2017
  • Bracelets de Lumiere, 2018
  • Jardin a Sintra, 2018
  • Tapis de Selle, 2020
  • Le Jardin des Peintres, 2023


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