In the worlds of artistry and luxury, Virginie Jamin stands as a luminary. Having first made a name for herself as a successful illustrator of children's books, Jamin's artistic journey took a distinctive turn when she met the creative director of Hermès at one of her book signings.
As a dedicated in-house artist, Jamin has played a pivotal role in creating some of the most iconic scarf designs of the past 17 years. Her work spans many themes. From the traditional equestrian styles commonly associated with Hermès to an assortment of out-of-the-box ideas that breathe fresh air into the classic silk square.

Her very first design for the brand, Belles du Mexique (2007), initially fools the viewer by presenting as a Mexican rug design consisting of large multicolored circles. Upon closer inspection, one realizes that the circles are in fact whirling Mexican dancers, their dresses cascading out in a dazzling display brought on by the motion.

Several of her designs such as Panoplie Equestre and Brides et Gris-Gris pay homage to the rich equestrian history of Hermès. even drawing from particular artifacts in the famed Emile Hermès collection. In a brand known for its meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to artistic collaborations, Jamin has become an integral part of the ongoing narrative of Hermès scarves, contributing to the timeless allure that has made them coveted worldwide.

Virginie Jamin's journey as an Hermès artist is a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship and creativity. As her work continues to grace the shoulders of those who appreciate the marriage of luxury and artistry, Virginie Jamin remains a visionary, etching her name into the vibrant canvas of Hermès' storied history.

Complete Scarf Catalog

  • Belles du Mexique (2007)
  • Dancing Pearls (2008)
  • Soie Libre (2009)
  • Concours d'Etriers (2011)
  • Mots de Soie (2011)
  • Les Cannes (2012)
  • Colliers de Chiens (2013)
  • Della Cavallieria (2014)
  • Brides et Gris-Gris (2014)
  • A L'Ombre des Boulevards (2015)
  • Cavalleria d'Etriers (2015)
  • Flots, Fleurs et Frontaux (2015)
  • Steeple Chase (2015)
  • Carre en Boucle (2016)
  • Fouets et Badines (2017)
  • Duo d'Etriers (2017)
  • Sangles en Zigzag (2018)
  • Della Cavalleria Favolosa (2018)
  • Panoplie Equestre (2018)
  • Voltes et Pirouettes (2020)
  • Zouaves et Dragons (2020)
  • Double Sangle (2020)
  • Grand Tralala (2021)
  • Fantaisies d'Etriers (2022)
  • Wild Rhythm (2023)